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Veterinary Dermatology at Your Decatur Veterinary Hospital

veterinarian in Decatur - pet dermatologistAt Fairview Hospital for Animals in Decatur, we're passionate about all areas of your pet's health and well-being. Clients at our Decatur veterinary hospital are sometimes surprised to find that vet dermatology plays such an important role in the well-being of their pets. They don't realize pets can suffer from many of the same skin conditions as humans. Since pets can't tell us what's wrong, the veterinarians at our Decatur animal hospital take special care to closely examine your pet's skin for any sign of problems. We provide advice to pet owners on steps to take to help their animal companions stay healthy inside and out. The professionals at our Decatur veterinary hospital work to keep your pet's skin healthy so it can provide a barrier against diseases and infection. We also treat any internal diseases which may have an effect on your pet's skin.

Cat and dog rashes can be caused by any number of irritants. We're aware of the problems caused by fleas and ticks, but did you know that dogs and cats can suffer from allergies, just like we do? In fact, allergies are one of the most frequent causes of concern in vet dermatology. A pet's scratching or licking may be the sign of an allergic reaction to something outdoors, inside or even to the food they're eating. If not treated, this could lead to bleeding, hair loss, an infection and unnecessary suffering for your pet. Our veterinarians will discuss routine veterinary dermatology issues during regular appointments, but if your pet is experiencing extreme discomfort, please do not wait for your pet's regular check up to address the problem.

Pet Dermatology - Symptoms and Solutions

Some symptoms to watch for to determine if your pet may be experiencing any skin problems include:

• Excessive licking, chewing or biting
• Skin irritation or swelling
• Dry skin or excessively oily skin
• Odor
• Loss of hair
• Scabs

If you notice any of these signs, bring your pet to our Decatur veterinary hospital as soon as possible so that we may address the issue before it causes bigger problems. When you do, our team of caring professionals will rely on their background in veterinary dermatology to diagnose the problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment to provide relief for your pet.

As your premier Decatur veterinary hospital, we strive to provide the best in vet dermatology and total pet health care solutions. Our Decatur veterinarians and medical team at our animal hospital can treat anything from dog rashes to fungal infections, and stand ready to provide emergency vet services when your pet needs them. But we always advise that the best cure is prevention.

We're here to answer your questions about grooming, diet, pet skin care and any other concerns you have to help your pet live the happiest and healthiest life possible because, at Fairview Hospital for Animals, your pets are our passion!

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 217-428-7709 or request an appointment online here.

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I visit Fairview Animal Hospital at least once a week for a few of my fur-babies to receive laser therapy and the ENTIRE staff always shows genuine concern for my babies as well as me. They are always completely honest in the care they believe my pets need and only suggest treatments that they firmly believe would help my babies comfort. I have six dogs and two cats who all have their own issues and they know them all by name, know what their problems are and cater to their individual needs. The best part of this staff, is that every single one of my babies thoroughly enjoys their visits which is most important to me.

Angela McIntire
Decatur, IL

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