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Pet Vaccinations From Our Animal Hospital Help Maintain Health

The best medicine is preventative medicine and that prevention is simple with regular vaccinations from our Fairview Hospital for Animals. Our Decatur veterinarians recommend vaccinating all eligible animals to prevent disease and infection. Our animal hospital wCat Vaccinations available at Decatur veterinary clinicas founded by veterinarians Dr. Shelly Stevens and Dr. Robert Groesch, and has been helping prevent the spread of disease in local dog, cat, puppy and kitten populations since 1989.

In addition to preventative care, our new state-of-the-art animal hospital provides emergency vet care for pets. Our doctors and staff have extensive knowledge and expertise to provide cutting edge preventative and emergency veterinary care. Several members of our veterinary hospital team have been providing care for pets at our facility for more than a decade. Every day we strive to exemplify our motto of "your pets, our passion." As is the case with every other service we provide, we administer our vaccines with the utmost care, love - and a gentle touch.

Our Veterinary Hospital in Decatur Provides Disease Prevention

Vaccinations are an essential part of pet wellness and the simplest way to avoid the contraction of deadly diseases and ailments. Preventative shots keep both pets and their owners happy and healthy. We recommend that indoor cats and dogs receive vaccines, as well as outdoor pets. Our Decatur veterinary team is experienced in administering vaccines according to the necessary schedule, as some shots need to be given annually while others can last 24 months or more. Our Decatur veterinarians Decatur veterinarians provide dog and puppy vaccinationsand staff will notify you when specific pet vaccinations are due and will review the schedule during annual checkups.

Rabies vaccinations are one of the most vital shots that we can provide, as the viral disease is highly contagious to animals and humans and almost always fatal. The viral disease can be transmitted to domestic animals through bites from infected wildlife, with the virus entering the body through the wounds by way of the infected animal's saliva. Once the disease enters the body, it attacks the central nervous system and leads to fever, throat-muscle spasms, extreme excitable behavior and the pronounced salivation known as foaming at the mouth. Regular rabies shots are essential in preventing this deadly disease.

We also recommend pets be vaccinated for Leptospirosis 4. This vaccine protects pets against a bacteria that is spread through wildlife urine and must be administered yearly. Pets can be exposed to this bacteria if a raccoon urinates in your backyard and your pet walks through the urine and then licks his or her feet. Pets are required to be vaccinated against this bacteria if they need to be hospitalized or boarded during the year.

Dog and puppy vaccinations include specific prevention for common canine ailments. Our veterinary hospital has a range of vaccines to prevent distemper, parvo and upper respiratory ailments, as well as those to guard against kennel cough. A common combination vaccine for canines is known as DA2PPV, which covers distemper, parvo and respiratory infections. Kennel cough is commonly covered by the INB Bordatella vaccine.

Our cat and kitten vaccinations include those for distemper, upper respiratory ailments and feline leukemia. The common combination vaccine of FVRCP covers feline distemper and upper respiratory infections, while the feline leukemia vaccine is simply known as the feline leukemia vaccine.

Our veterinarians and emergency veterinarian team can advise on additional preventative shots for cats and dogs in Decatur that may be traveling. Our animal hospital also offers an array of other non-emergency and emergency vet services that includes boarding, urgent and dental care, surgery, nutritional counseling and pet bathing, all from our top-notch veterinary hospital. To make an appointment for vaccinating your dog or cat, please call us at 217-428-7709 or email us.

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I visit Fairview Animal Hospital at least once a week for a few of my fur-babies to receive laser therapy and the ENTIRE staff always shows genuine concern for my babies as well as me. They are always completely honest in the care they believe my pets need and only suggest treatments that they firmly believe would help my babies comfort. I have six dogs and two cats who all have their own issues and they know them all by name, know what their problems are and cater to their individual needs. The best part of this staff, is that every single one of my babies thoroughly enjoys their visits which is most important to me.

Angela McIntire
Decatur, IL

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