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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Declawing at Our Animal Hospital

If you're constantly dealing with red marks on your shins, damage to furnishings and other telltale signs of your cat exercising his scratching instinct, you may be considering declawing. At the same time, however, you may be worried about what this procedure involves and how it might affect your cat's life. Here are some frequently asked questions about cat declawing here at our animal hospital.

Cat Declawing

  • What is declawing? Declawing is a procedure for removing the sharp, retractable claws at the end of each toe in cats. Cats naturally use these claws to scratch as a kind of reflexive behavior, partly to keep their nails in good working order and partly to mark their territory. This behavior is a problem when your expensive furniture, treasured upholstery or the legs of your human household residents are involved. When these behaviors threaten your cat's ability to remain part of your family, a declawing procedure from your veterinarian in Decatur is a highly effective way of resolving the issue.
  • How does declawing work? Declawing removes more than just the claw itself, which might grow back after such a minimal approach. Your veterinarian in Decatur (Dr. Stephens or Dr. Groesch) surgically removes the final joint of the toe to ensure a permanent result. The procedure is administered under general anesthesia. We then bandage the feet and provide you with any post-operative medications and advice you may need for helping your cat recuperate.
  • Will declawing harm my pet? While declawing may cause some post-operative discomfort and bruising, we can provide medications to minimize these issues during your pet's recovery. Declawing shouldn't change your cat's personality or cause him to act out against you. However, outdoor pets may require extra protection against other animals. This means that your outdoor pet may have to become an indoor pet for his own good.
  • When is declawing appropriate? Declawing may make sense for animals who simply cannot be discouraged from scratching furniture or people, or who refuse to confine their habit to scratching posts. If you or your loved ones have blood clotting issues or some other medical complications that makes scratches a dangerous proposition, declawing can be an appropriate preventative measure. If declawing your cat allows you to keep him in a loving home rather than abandoning him to a shelter (where he might be destroyed), then declawing is actually the humane way to go.
  • Are there alternatives to cat declawing? If you prefer an alternative to cat declawing, you can try covering valuable surfaces with materials naturally avoid, such as foil or double-sided tape. You can also apply latex tips to the nails, replacing them every month or so as they wear out. Last but not least, regular nail trimming at our animal hospital can keep the nails from becoming overly long and sharp.

Talk to Your Decatur Vet at Fairview Hospital for Animals

If you're still not sure whether declawing is right for your pet or you have additional questions about the procedure, your Decatur vet at Fairview Hospital for Animals can discuss your situation and help you make the most informed choice possible. Call 217-428-7709 to schedule a consultation at our clinic!

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