Helpful Veterinary Links in Decatur

At Fairview Hospital for Animals, we educate pet owners on the best ways to care for their animal companions, but we also encourage caretakers to keep themselves informed. Like the medical field in general, the veterinary field is constantly in flux and new information sometimes hits at the speed of light. For this reason, we’ve put together some helpful veterinary links to aid loving owners on how to care for pets.

Helpful Veterinary Links in Decatur, IL

Wisdom for Pet Owners

This site gives useful tips on things like traveling with your pet, how to handle pet emergencies, and pet dental care among other things. Cats are notoriously finicky and hiding medication in food can be easier said than done. Wisdom for Pet Owners has a helpful video and detailed instructions about how to get your kitty to swallow pills.

American Heartworm Society Logo

The American Heartworm Society

Several resources are listed about how pet owners can better understand the life cycle of heartworms and how the illness develops. If left untreated, heartworm disease progresses into a serious life-threatening condition. The illness is transmitted through mosquito bites, but preventative treatment can protect your pet from contracting it. The site shows a map of incidence rates throughout the country and lists symptoms your pet might exhibit if infected.

Hills: Prescription Diet, Science Diet, Ideal Balance

The Hills brand of dog and cat food offers nutritional diets for your pet’s health condition and life stage . Visit the site for detailed information about which Hill’s diet might be right for your companion. Their website also has many helpful articles for pet owners. The topics range from giving your cat a birthday celebration to dealing with the death of a pet.

FDA US Food & Drug Administration Logo

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration

There is an Animal Health Literacy page that contains the most up-to-date information on pet food and medication regulations, including what’s safe and what’s not. There are also several articles about how to better understand common pet illnesses and how to prevent them. Articles touch on the most recent advancements in veterinary treatment too.

Please contact us for any more information or resources about pet care. We’re always here for the pets and people of Decatur.

Illinois Dogs at Risk for Blastomycosis

Illinois and other parts of the Midwest are endemic areas for blastomycosis, a dangerous fungal infection that can cause many problems for pets and people.