So Fresh, So Clean with Our Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats in Decatur

As part of providing full service for your companion, we offer pet grooming for dogs and cats to keep your pet’s coat healthy and looking good. Matted fur and muddy coats are uncomfortable for cats and dogs and unkempt fur can contribute to pet allergies, parasites and skin diseases. Our experienced team trims coats on both cats and dogs. Additionally, they trim nails, express their anal sacs, and shampoo coats with our massaging Hydrosurge unit. Your pet will look and feel better after coming in for our spa grooming services!

Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats in Decatur, IL

Dog and Cat Haircuts and Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Summertime can be difficult on pets with heavy coats of fur. Some breeds are better suited for very cold climates, so trimming or shaving down their fur during the hot summer months can give them a needed cool down. Our experienced team trims fur down on both cats and dogs. This also helps reduce bothersome shedding and fur around your house.

Nail trimming can be stressful for pets and their owners, so we do that for you too. Long nails on your dog or cat can be uncomfortable. This can lead to nail injury and secondary infection, making it important to keep your pet’s nails trimmed regularly. Clipping your cat’s nails can reduce scratching on furniture and makes it less likely you’ll be accidentally scratched during playtime. In extreme cases, long nails can grow into the pad causing severe discomfort.

Dog taking a bath at our animal hospital

Keeping Your Pet Clean from Nose to Tail

We clean your loyal companion from the tip of their nose to their tail. During your dog or cat’s spa grooming, we may discover underlying ear or skin infections and parasites. Since we offer dermatology services at Fairview Hospital for Animals, we can inform you right away on how these skin conditions need to be treated. Most pets express their anal sacs on their own, but some pets have difficulty expressing them. Our team member expresses your pet’s anal sacs at each grooming to prevent infection and discomfort. Please contact us at (217) 428-7709 for any more information about our dog or cat grooming services.