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Patellar Luxation Treatment in Decatur

Patellar luxation is a slipped kneecap. This happens when the kneecap on your pet, usually a dog or cat, slips out of its groove on the leg. This destabilizes the whole leg, and makes it difficult for your pet to walk. If you suspect your pet has patellar luxation, you definitely need to take him or her to see our Decatur veterinarian. Our vet will evaluate your pet and give you treatment options.


Our Decatur Vet Can Diagnose Your Pet

Our Decatur vet will want to relieve any pain your pet may be experiencing. This will be the first and foremost goal. The second goal will be to restore the function of the knee to its proper movement. This is usually done via surgery to re-align the leg bones and put the kneecap back in place. If your pet is limping and/or shows signs of discomfort in one of their legs, patellar luxation may be the reason, and you should make an appointment with our vet to get your pet evaluated.

How Our Decatur Veterinarian Can Help Treat Patellar Luxation

If your pet is diagnosed with patellar luxation, our Decatur veterinarian will usually start out with giving your pet a prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation in the joint and relieve the pain in the joint for them. If your pet has had this condition for a while and the muscle around the knee has atrophied, physical therapy may be necessary to strengthen the leg before surgery can be performed. Results are always better on a stronger leg.

Physical therapy for a pet with patellar luxation typically includes exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. If your pet is overweight, this could be putting additional stress on the joint, and a program of weight loss through diet and exercise will also be prescribed before surgery is done.

Other treatments our vet may use will depend on your pet, the severity of the luxation, how long your pet has had it, your pet's age and overall health, and your preferences in treatment options. Some things our veterinarian may recommend include:

  • Massage therapy to relax your pet and promote healing
  • Swimming to strengthen the muscles without putting weight on them
  • Acupressure to ease pain and promote healing
  • Acupuncture to ease pain, improve circulation to the area, and stimulate healing in the area

Surgery is next, after your pet's health is improved and the leg strengthened. The type of surgery that is done will depend on your pet's individual condition and its severity and how long it has been there before being treated. There may be soft tissue reconstruction involved, deepening the groove in the leg bone to make the kneecap more stable once it is put back in place, and other surgical methods of replacing and securing the kneecap in its proper position. Treatment with ice and range of motion exercises are done immediately after the surgery, and the exercises increase as your pet is able to tolerate them. Eventually, your pet should enjoy a full recovery.

Make an Appointment for an Evaluation for Your Pet

If you suspect your pet has a patellar luxation, contact us at Fairview Hospital for Animals. We are specialists in Decatur and the surrounding areas in dealing with this issue. We can treat it successfully. Call 217-428-7709!

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