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Vaccinations from our Decatur Veterinarian

At Fairview Hospital for Animals, we recommend all of the pets we care for receive necessary vaccinations. Vaccinations provide incredible safety and protection for pets from a life-threatening illness. When you visit your veterinarian in Decatur for routine wellness appointments and checkups, we’ll make recommendations for the appropriate vaccinations for your pet at that time. We recommend scheduling these in advance to ensure your pet remains healthy.

Pet Vaccines

What Are Core Dog or Puppy Vaccinations?

Some vaccinations are considered very important. These are often referred to as core vaccinations. Core dog and puppy vaccinations are necessary regardless of how your pet spends his or her time. This includes:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Hepatitis

These vaccinations are given to puppies as young as 8 weeks. Your pet will need boosters (or additional vaccinations) throughout their lifetime. Rabies vaccinations are a legal requirement for owning a pet.

What Are Core Cat or Kitten Vaccinations?

Core cat and kitten vaccinations are just as important to pet owners. These are required vaccinations given no matter what type of lifestyle your pet has. They include:

  • Rabies
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline herpesvirus

Again, rabies is a requirement under the law. Your cat will receive vaccinations at the age of six weeks. And, he or she will need routine boosters to protect their health long term.

Non-Core Pet Vaccinations Are Recommended

Additional vaccinations are available to help maintain a pet’s health. Just because they are non-core vaccinations doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t need them or that they can be skipped. When you visit your veterinarian in our office, we’ll discuss pet vaccinations that your animal needs. Here are some common needs that are considered non-core vaccinations.

  • New Lenox is often given. This includes adenovirus, parainfluenza, kennel cough, coronavirus, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis. This is often given to dogs.
  • Cats that spend time outdoors are likely to need additional vaccinations including FeLV and kennel cough. These also apply to cats that are boarded.

When Should Your Pet Receive Vaccinations?

Your vet will provide specifics based on the age, size, and health of your pet. Generally, vaccinations begin between the ages of six and eight weeks. Then, your pet will need booster shots throughout their first year of life and then every three years. It’s important that we create and stick to a schedule to ensure your pet remains protected long term from any ailments.

Preventative Care for Your Pets Beyond Vaccinations

While pet vaccinations are critical to protecting the health of your pet, we’ll also talk to you about other medications your pets need to maintain their health. For example, we recommend preventative medications for heartworm, ticks, and fleas. These medications are given in advance of your pet becoming ill through any of these parasites. Prevention is far easier and more effective than the use of treatment after infestation.

It’s Part of the Care We Offer

When you visit Fairview Hospital for Animals, our team will work closely with you to monitor your pet’s health and offer preventative treatment. Dr. Shelly Stevens and Dr. Robert Groesch, founders of our animal hospital, are committed to protecting your animal.

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I visit Fairview Animal Hospital at least once a week for a few of my fur-babies to receive laser therapy and the ENTIRE staff always shows genuine concern for my babies as well as me. They are always completely honest in the care they believe my pets need and only suggest treatments that they firmly believe would help my babies comfort. I have six dogs and two cats who all have their own issues and they know them all by name, know what their problems are and cater to their individual needs. The best part of this staff, is that every single one of my babies thoroughly enjoys their visits which is most important to me.

Angela McIntire
Decatur, IL

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